Coil Master DIY Kit V2 - Clone

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Offering a full suite of tools, each tool is specifically designed and manufactured towards the day to day usage pertaining to coil rebuilding, coil maintenance, and general vape care. PACKING LISTNeedle Nose Pliers•Wire Cutters•Scissors•Pen Style Screwdriver Kit•Elbow Tweezers•Ceramic Tip Tweezers•Ohm Meter tester•Coiling Kit (1mm, 1.5mm,2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm)•Spare Parts box•Pouch•coil master case DESCRIPTIONRevolutionary Patent Pending Micro Coiling Technology making coil making a breezeSimply trap your wire, rotate the top cap, and you get that perfect micro coil in seconds, each and every time!Light weight and portable, perfect for travel, and on the go!Unique styling with stylish colors,each color represent each coil sizeCW-20 - Make 2 mm coils, CW-25 - Makes 2.6mm coils, CW-30 - Makes 3mm Coils